Onsite Training

Advanced Maintenance Training

Onsite training is typically provided in increments of 3-days or more, based on customer need, and is provided by a MicroMain trainer at the customer’s facility. This training is completely tailored to the needs of the specific customer. Training typically covers all of the basic topics included in the introductory course. It may include a detailed review of many of the more advanced topics, in a highly interactive environment tailored specifically to the customer.

Students utilize a hosted training environment linked to sample data. If the training takes place in conjunction with a data import service, students will likely also have the ability to train using their own proprietary data.

In addition to a thorough review of the MicroMain Maintenance application and functionality, onsite engagements are also focused on the operational needs of the specific user – teaching them how to use the application, while also consulting to help develop processes for integrating the application into their day-to-day operations.

On top of application training and client-specific process work, additional topics often covered during onsite training may include:

  • How to develop good, consistent naming conventions
  • How to fully configure Control Center system-wide for all users

The goal of the onsite training session is to leave the customer with a fully-implemented, functioning system and the confidence to use it to achieve their maintenance management goals.

A draft agenda is always provided to the customer in advance of the onsite engagement and is typically edited in consultation with the customer before training takes place to ensure their needs are fully met.

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Please review MicroMain’s Onsite Training Terms and Conditions here.