maintenance manager inspection

MicroMain’s maintenance management software allows you to define an unlimited number of inspection points that, once set up, can be attached to work orders and preventive maintenance (PM) tasks. You save time and money by adding inspections to already-planned maintenance activities. For example, if you have a work order to repair a furnace, adding on an inspection of the filters allows the technician to take care of everything on the same call. Inspections can also be set up on a PM schedule, ensuring routine and required inspections are completed on time.

Know Your Limits

When creating an inspection point, the software allows you to set the allowable range for a rating or measurement. Then, if the inspector discovers a condition outside the range and the inspection fails, the system’s automatic alert feature will trigger corrective action.

Take Action

MicroMain’s maintenance management software will create work orders for corrective actions from failed inspection points and/or specify default corrective actions to be performed for a given situation. The software also provides the pass/fail percentage for each inspection point so you can focus on and develop better maintenance management procedures for equipment/assets most likely to have problems.

Many customers use the MicroMain mobile add-on module to save time and increase accuracy when conducting inspections. Mobile allows maintenance technicians to receive their inspection work orders and record inspection results on a mobile device.