Healthcare Maintenance Software

Using MicroMain Maintenance Healthcare software, hospitals, clinics and other healthcare organizations have benefited from improved maintenance and facility management as well as engineering/biomedical management.

Designed in close coordination with healthcare facility professionals and organizations, this system meets the needs of both facilities and clinical engineering/biomedical departments. This easy-to-use CMMS helps you ensure continuous facility operability, including multi-tier backup systems. It also helps you identify patient and staff equipment risk and link that risk to the equipment or area being serviced. You can identify the regulatory bodies associated with an asset, asset healthcare equipment class and risk assessment score.

Meet Healthcare Needs

  • Serve Facilities and Clinical Engineering/Biomed
  • Ensure proper preventive maintenance, including schedules in the clinical engineering environment
  • Identify risk assessment of equipment based on a different set of criteria than facilities
  • Keep electrical systems operating with redundant back-up systems available for emergencies
  • Identify equipment that may be HIPAA related and ensure compliance when used or serviced
  • Complete inspections needed for regulatory agencies
  • Manage multiple service contracts and warranties
  • Associate equipment and other assets with patient IDs to provide a patient usage audit trail

The database used by the maintenance and clinical engineering/biomedical departments includes the different information that each requires for work performance, for regulatory or internal-standards compliance and for reports.

Assess Risks Accurately

The software’s risk assessment for healthcare equipment—often classified as Life/Safety, Critical Utilities, General and Medical—offers independent scoring for both facilities and clinical applications. You can utilize a date stamp for time of assessment and an identification field for the person last providing the assessment. Equipment that contains patient data is flagged to identify security issues related to HIPPA compliance so you can adjust your maintenance procedures accordingly.

If equipment falls under the Plan for Improvement (PFI), you can use the software to identify that and track when the equipment becomes compliant. MicroMain for Healthcare also allows you to identify the assets that are part of your Statement of Conditions (SOC) to ensure policies and procedures related to that equipment can be verified.

Enhance Inspections

You can create corrective work orders from failed inspection points. These new work orders include standard or user-defined actions that provide detailed instructions for correcting the inspection failure.

Improve Operations

Send work orders to printers or mobile phones. Manage multiple projects to meet deadlines, ensure cross-department communication and keep costs within budget. You can schedule preventive maintenance with easy calendar control and link to maintenance histories. Track assets, including current conditions of all healthcare equipment, areas and vehicles.

Report on Compliance

Many specific reports and action plans—recorded and updated on a regular basis—are required for regulatory agencies. MicroMain’s flexible features and customizations give you everything you need to effectively manage your healthcare sites and comply with regulatory agencies.

Some of Our Healthcare Clients Include

Healthcare Client Testimonial

“We had a different CMMS, but it was too complicated and not geared to our facility. When we evaluated other systems, we really liked MicroMain because of its modules, reporting, understandable terminology, properties organization, work order templates, and inspection tasking. MicroMain’s software is the backbone of our department.”

David Adcock