Government & Public Sector Maintenance Software

MicroMain CMMS has been securely supporting government maintenance software solutions for local, state, and federal governmental agencies since 1991 benefit with asset preservation, equipment readiness, staying compliant and operational improvements. Keep your data secure and maintenance operations running smoothly to save money, time and headaches with MicroMain CMMS for government.

Meet Public Sector Needs

  • Show compliance—such as GASB 34
  • Satisfy requirements
  • Control costs
  • Improve budget forecasting using detailed tracking of asset, labor, and other costs
  • Increase asset life
  • Streamline maintenance processes
  • Enhance readiness
  • Improve accountability by measuring and reporting on increased efficiency
  • Generate reports for supervisors and governing agencies

MicroMain is meeting these specific needs for federal customers such as military, administrative and research organizations. State customers include facilities management, corrections and transportation entities. City, municipal and county agencies use MicroMain software for their work in parks/recreation, water and wastewater, human services, building services and other operations.

Reduce Costs

Because your industry is accountable to the public, you need to be able to decisively demonstrate value. Shrinking budgets and increasing customer demand place considerable challenges on daily and long-term operations, which is why it is critically important to utilize only those systems that can improve efficiencies and decrease costs.

Show Compliance

Federally mandated regulations—such as those related to the Americans with Disabilities Act—can be met, recorded and reported using MicroMain. Federal quality standards or other regulations, including those from OSHA, may also be relevant to your organization or contract agency.

State and local governments have specific reporting needs regarding GASB 34, which is focused on full accrual and new capital asset accounting. Financial information regarding capital assets and long-term liabilities now needs to be reported, in addition to the current assets and liabilities required prior to GASB 34. This includes depreciation on capital assets such as buildings and vehicles as well as infrastructure assets such as roads and sewer systems. States, cities, towns and other government entities use MicroMain to track the data needed for this budgetary compliance.

Satisfy Requirements

MicroMain has extended feature sets and incorporated new technologies to meet the different requirements of many government agencies.

One of our largest installations—a federal research center covering 12 million square feet in more than 100 buildings—uses MicroMain software customized to meet its workflow needs in help desk, maintenance, and facility management.

Project Budgets Accurately

With MicroMain software, you’ll be able to report a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for equipment and systems. You’ll be able to more accurately project budget needs based on asset histories. You can reduce budgets by extending asset life with preventive maintenance and making improvements in labor utilization—thereby reducing emergency purchase and overtime spending.

Generate Needed Reports

Run top-level reports for administrators and supervising bodies. Detailed reports drilling down on specific projects and costs will help you manage your workload and resources. In addition to the 500-plus standard reports, you can use filtering options to produce a virtually unlimited number of reports.

Government Client Testimonial

“The software is pretty much working on its own and we really like what it’s doing for us. I trained all of the officers, janitors and directors from the six facilities to use MicroMain to create service requests and it is absolutely incredible. People are actually using the system because it is easy to use.”

John Menendez