Maintenance Management Software for Education

Since 1991, schools, school districts, colleges and universities have been using MicroMain CMMS / EAM maintenance software to manage their facilities, campus housing, and maintenance operations.

Streamline Maintenance

Whether you manage a single school, a sprawling K-12 district, or a multi-campus college or university, MicroMain can help you streamline your facility and maintenance management. Our solutions will help you maintain school buildings and administrative offices, perform inspections, and track assets, labor, parts, and more. From regular servicing of HVAC systems to emergency plumbing repairs and deferred maintenance for electrical upgrades, MicroMain software will save you time and money. Use advanced features for mobile access, taking inventory, and tracking keys.

Satisfy Compliance Reporting Requirements

With MicroMain, you can quickly generate reports for one or more sites, or the organization as a whole. These reports can help you demonstrate compliance with:

  • Federal, state, and local codes
  • Americans with Disabilities Act regulations
  • Fire codes and other safety regulations
  • Environmental protection and energy conservation acts

Manage Service Requests Efficiently

MicroMain software gives you the flexibility to receive and manage service requests from multiple sources, such as faculty, staff, principals and students. MicroMain makes handling these requests easier by:

  • Accepting requests via the Internet
  • Automatically generating work orders
  • Allowing requests to be consolidated and prioritized
  • Tracking and reporting on all requests
  • Allowing requesters to check the status of the work online

Understand and Control Costs

By streamlining your operations and performing regular preventive maintenance you’ll reduce costs by better maintaining assets—including classrooms, equipment, dormitories, vehicles, and grounds. MicroMain’s extensive reporting capabilities provide you with the information you need to make smart decisions regarding deferred maintenance, capital plans, and facility upgrades. For example, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) reports will give you month-to-date, year-to-date, and life-to-date asset and maintenance costs – giving you the tools you need to know if it’s time to replace or overhaul that asset.

In addition, MicroMain will help you generate the data you need for district, board, state or administrative improvement initiatives and extract specific data related to school safety or capital expansion projects. This includes what you need for GASB 35 – information such as the net value of assets, capital asset valuation, and depreciation.

Education Client Testimonial

“We chose MicroMain’s CMMS because it’s very easy to use. MicroMain helps me see exactly what’s going on at every school and with each maintenance shop. The reports alone are worth their weight in gold.”

Dennis Ziegler