Benefits of a CMMS system

Although a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is certainly ideal for a busy maintenance team in a manufacturing environment, a wide range of other industries can also benefit from the right CMMS. A CMMS can be tailored to suit a wide variety of industries, and if used to its full potential, CMMS software can help improve performance, reduce cost, and result in greater overall efficiency for a business or other organization. With this in mind, here is a look at several key benefits of a CMMS.

Instant View

By utilizing existing data and displaying outputs in a simplified manner, a CMMS system can provide users with an instant view of their operations. At any given time, a CMMS can provide the latest up-to-date asset levels, inventories, repairs, and a whole host of other information. A CMMS can also be programmed to deliver up-to-date reporting in the form of KPI’s. Business intelligence dashboard reports can then be shared with other departments and can also be used as a marker for other areas within your organization.

Less Disruption

Less disruption may well be an indirect saving, but one that is still extremely significant. The system allows users to plan and prioritize maintenance at a pre-arranged time and day. This is ideal for organizations that are open to the public, as scheduled maintenance can be done when the building is empty or when specialized equipment is not in use. As a result, the system is ideal for healthcare, schools and colleges, retail outlets, and more.

Lower Repair Costs

Specialized equipment can be very expensive to repair if it breaks down, and aside from this, businesses also have the additional ‘out-of-action’ costs incurred during the downtime. It is also far more cost effective to pre-plan part purchases rather than pay high dollar for speedy delivery of parts and last minute purchases. Planned and regular maintenance will ensure any equipment, assets, and structures are in top working order at all times and prevent unexpected repairs.

Streamlined Parts

It stands to reason any asset that is well maintained is going to last longer. This means lower expenditure on the replacement of parts. As well as regular maintenance scheduling, the CMMS system can ensure stocks of parts can be streamlined by monitoring usage over a period of time.

Streamlined Workforce

A good preventive maintenance system will result in fewer breakdowns and other maintenance problems which will in turn require fewer engineers on staff to handle maintenance issues. A streamlined workforce is the result of efficient maintenance scheduling, and this means engineers will be less likely to spend time on unnecessary administrative tasks and more focused on their main job roles. These are all positive outcomes of an effective maintenance management system that a CMMS can deliver.

Safety Management

When it comes to safety and risk management, CMMS software can help by planning and scheduling daily, weekly, and monthly equipment checks. A CMMS can also generate safety instructions and risk assessments. As a result, a CMMS can help reduce non-compliance and accident risk.

Data and Trends

Facilities management software can analyze historical data to help pinpoint problems within an organization such as areas of low productivity, rising costs, and continuing repair of the same equipment. A good CMMS will be able to track equipment breakdowns and can also look to data that will justify either a repair or replacement choice. Historical data can also help organizations troubleshoot repairs by searching for similar problems or issues in the past and see how they were handled.

Easy Periodic Audits

Many maintenance managers dread doing periodic audits. The outcome is often unwieldy binders and reams of paperwork with write-ups that are painstakingly dealt with over time. Most would agree periodic audits are still a necessary task, but they can often monopolize a lot of time that may be better spent in other areas of the business. A CMMS software package, on the other hand, will reduce the amount of paperwork and preparation needed prior to an audit. Managers can very easily generate a report listing all the information needed. It’s quick and easy and makes preparation much more efficient.

Industry Leading CMMS

These are just a few of the many benefits our industry leading CMMS software can offer your business or organization. Learn more about all the powerful features our CMMS software has to offer!