The Importance of Asset Relationships in a CMMS

Having parent and child relationships set up between assets in a CMMS is important if you want to generate accurate reports. Running reports on the associated assets within a specific building or area is impossible if the assets are not correctly linked. With the relationships in place, you can run reports on an office space’s assets or the child assets of a HVAC system. These reports can tell you the condition of associated assets or give you the costs of a specific area or asset.

CMMS Asssets Screenshot

Correct parent and child relationships between assets also make organizing and accessing your assets much easier. Viewing your assets in a visual representation makes determining the true state of your operations clear. For example, if a certain motor is within a certain pump, then you need to link that relationship so the downtime of that motor is known to effect that pump within the CMMS system.

Set Up The Relationship

Setting up the relationships is easy with the Asset Explorer in MicroMain Maintenance Premium.

1. Access the Asset Explorer in the Facilities tab.

2. Select your desired property.

3. Set the filter to Parent and select <Show All>.

4. Drag and drop the child asset onto the parent asset to create the relationship.

That’s all it takes. Now you have the power to organize your assets and optimize your operations.