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4 Common CMMS Mistakes


It’s no secret maintenance departments are often overloaded and tedious, manual processes simply cannot keep up with today’s rapidly evolving and increasingly technology-driven organizations. That’s why so many organizations, big and small, are turning to computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) to streamline processes, gain efficiencies and reduce maintenance costs. While CMMS is an incredibly useful tool for maintenance managers, it can become less effective if common mistakes are overlooked.

Here are four common mistakes we often see companies make when using their CMMS:

Improper Use of the CMMS Software

When used properly, a CMMS system is an extremely valuable tool. Using a CMMS can benefit asset management, maintenance planning and keep your costs down. However, if it’s not used correctly by staff, either due to neglect or lack of knowledge, several problems can arise.

We often see CMMS user-generated errors such as forgetting to input data, entering inconsistent data or not performing the continuous asset maintenance checks pointed out by the CMMS system.

These seemingly small user errors can snowball and lead to even bigger issues down the road, costing companies both time and money, especially in a tight-set CMMS. Always keep in mind, a CMMS system is not only about the software itself, but also the way users feed the system and use the information it provides.

Compromising on Implementation and Training

Another common mistake is entrusting the set-up of the CMMS system to someone with little or no knowledge of maintenance or prior experience with CMMS implementation. This task should be designated to an individual or team with a high level of knowledge, which will allow them to assess the complete asset inventory and configure the correct support for each asset.

A lack of proper CMMS training and preparation for all maintenance team members can cause many issues as well. If a team member is not provided clear instructions, they are likely to apply their own methodologies when using the software, resulting in a confusing and chaotic set of asset data.

Task Management Failure

Some supervisors may neglect to designate specific roles for each member of the maintenance management team or may not properly define the expectations and requirements for these roles. Be sure to make these definitions clear in your CMMS to avoid confusion about who does what and when, which can lead to costly mistakes.

In addition, it’s important to ensure both middle and upper management are able to understand and use the CMMS. This will help ensure asset management tasks are delegated correctly and each team member is accountable for their role in the processes.

Lack of Implementation Time and Resources

The more assets you have, the more resources and time you’ll need to spend on maintenance. Maintenance management should be a continuous process, meaning team members must commit monthly, weekly or even daily hours to ensuring smooth operations. This way, the organization will help ensure all maintenance goals are met, helping to propel rather than hindering the organization’s success.

These are four of the most common mistakes that can occur when implementing a CMMS in your organization. These errors can diminish the benefits, productivity, and cost-effectiveness of using a CMMS, but they’re easy to avoid with the right CMMS.

Have questions about CMMS systems or need help finding the right one to meet your organization’s specific needs? Get in touch with us and our CMMS experts will be happy to assist! Also, be sure to check out our calendar of training events for both new and experienced CMMS users.

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