Work Request

Allow users to request work online at any time.

MicroMain Work Request provides an easy way for users and guests to submit maintenance requests 24/7 and allows organizations to manage those requests from any device with a web browser. Organizations benefit from having fewer calls/emails coming into the maintenance office and from being able to generate work orders without having to re-enter request information.

Receive Service Requests 24/7

Through Work Request, anyone in a facility (e.g. staff, technicians, management, residents) can easily submit a service request at any time from any computer or Internet-equipped smartphone. The form the requester fills out includes all the information you’ll need to issue a work order right away, including:

  • Who is asking for service/assistance
  • What type of service is being requested
  • Where the maintenance is required
  • Comments or clarifications of the issue
  • Contact information for the requester

Being able to accept service requests throughout the week, even when the office is closed, means no more Monday morning rush.

Reduce Incoming Calls

Work Request makes it possible for anyone to request service over the Internet resulting in the reduction of phone calls to the maintenance office, and freeing up staff. You’ll also cut down on progress report calls. When a request is submitted through Work Request, the requester will automatically receive an email telling them that the request has been received and giving them the work order number. Requesters are then able to check the status of their request from any device with a web browser to see how the work order is coming along. They’ll see:

  • All the details of their request
  • Current status of the work order
  • Technician’s notes regarding the work order and service

The system can also be configured to automatically send an email notification to the requester once the work is completed, further reducing call volumes.

Maintenance Management Software

Work request management is just one of the many powerful features available in our industry leading and easy to use CMMS software!