Why MicroMain?

Since 1991, MicroMain Corporation has been providing maintenance and facility management software and services to organizations worldwide. More than 3,100 customers have chosen MicroMain software to manage more than 5,000 facilities.

Customers choose MicroMain because we offer a full line of maintenance and facility management software. Because our software solutions can share a database, organizations can easily grow with MicroMain to the point of seamlessly integrating their maintenance management and facility management functions.

What Our Customers Say

Decision-makers like MicroMain’s large customer base, stability, willingness to adapt to specific business needs, and customization options.

Users like the common-sense interface, understandable online help, and the ability to easily turn on/turn off various tabs and options.

All of our customers enjoy MicroMain’s:

  • Ease of Use / Simple Navigation
  • Flexible Reporting
  • Streamlined Implementation
  • Friendly, Accessible Technical Support
  • Outstanding Value

Each fall MicroMain users get together at our annual Users Conference to learn how to get the most out of their MicroMain software.