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Training for CMMS & CAFM Software


Training is vital — both for new customers and for those looking to optimize an existing system. By learning the basics at the start of an implementation project, you and your organization will get up to speed quickly — saving effort, time, and money, and minimizing problems down the road.


For customers with pre-existing systems, training is great for educating new employees and expanding your use of the software to take advantage of new features and processes. MicroMain offers a comprehensive line-up of training opportunities to meet the needs of any organization. Training is offered for all products at the following locations:

  • MicroMain Training Center (Austin, TX)
  • Regional Training (Check Event Calendar for a listing of Upcoming Cities)
  • On-site (your location)
  • Online via the internet


Choose Training to Meet Your Needs

Training for all of your primary users is best delivered on-site whenever possible. Some of our customers begin by sending one or more persons responsible for the implementation to MicroMain headquarters for Introductory Training, then follow-up with customized on-site or online training as required. Specialized Training is perfect for customers with an existing system who want to expand their use of the software — such as tracking new information, generating new reports, and taking better advantage of built-in features.

  • Introductory Training for Maintenance Management. Maintenance Management Introductory Training is a 2-day small group class where each participant works hands-on at their own workstation. The class covers how to organize your maintenance data, navigation, and the main features of the system. Learn more about introductory training for maintenance management
  • Advanced Training for Maintenance Management. Advanced Training is a 1-day small group class where each participant works hands-on at their own workstation. The class is guided by student questions and covers administrative functions such as system security, accounts, and utilities as well as advanced features and reports. Learn more about advanced training for maintenance management
  • Specialized Training. The advantage of specialized training is that you can often train using your own database – allowing you to ask specific questions and resolve issues during training. And if delivered on-site, you will have the ability to interact with your staff as needed. Learn more about specialized training.


Optimize Your MicroMain Experience

To get your organization running as efficiently as possible, with your maintenance software, MicroMain will consult on-site and help implement optimization to your current software will make sure you are utilizing MicroMain to its fullest capacity — saving your company time, money and headaches.


What’s on the Training Calendar?

Check out our list of scheduled training in our Austin office or at regional training centers around the country.

Please review MicroMain’s Training Terms and Conditions here.