Service Packages For MicroMain’s CMMS Software

Having a well-trained staff and an organized database are essential for getting the most out of our CMMS system. With MicroMain’s bundled service packages, this process is easier than ever — whether you are installing a new system or optimizing an existing one.

Start-Up Packages

Our Start-Up Packages are designed to help new MicroMain customers get the most out of their software.

  • Essential – This package focuses primarily on training but includes an overview of data set-up. It is ideal for companies who are setting up their MicroMain maintenance data for the first time. The Essential package is also great for users who want to clean up or reorganize their data for easier searching or better reporting.
  • Plus – This package delves deeper into implementation and higher-level administration training. It is ideal for organizations who have multiple users, an administrative manager setting up global options for the organization, and different groups of people to be trained. The Plus package also includes a data import so the organization starts with a database populated with its own data – organized and in the right place.

Booster Packages

Current MicroMain customers who want to optimize their systems can do so with our Booster Package.

  • Booster – We take a thorough look into your database and practices, provide extensive consultation, and train your team with the skills necessary to improve the performance of your system.

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