Service Escalation

Ensure critical service requests receive prompt attention.

MicroMain Service Escalation ensures you receive a timely response to urgent service requests by automatically sending email notifications to key personnel until action is taken.

Get Attention

Each time a new service is created in MicroMain Maintenance, that service can be designated or marked for escalation. Subsequently, each time a request is issued for that service, service escalation is already in place and key personnel will be notified automatically. Setting the escalation parameters is easy – just enter the name and email address(es) of those responsible for the service and set the notification interval. An email will be sent to each contact, at the set interval (e.g. every 5 minutes), until the work order is issued.

Spread the Word

Use Service Escalation to make sure everyone in your organization is aware of an urgent problem as soon as it’s reported. Customize your alert system using the interval settings to alert multiple people simultaneously or one after another until someone responds. For each service, you determine how you want to notify staff and technicians.

For each service warranting escalation, you can determine exactly how you want the notifications to proceed. For example, any service related to “safety” can trigger an email to 8 key people simultaneously every 5 minutes. Any service for “executive suite” can result in an email being sent to a designated technician and supervisor every 60 minutes, on a staggered basis.

Give Them the Details

With Service Escalation, email notifications can include a customized message along with service-related information such as:

  • Type of service needed
  • Name of the person making the request
  • A phone number if a verbal confirmation of completion is required
  • Specific location where the maintenance work is needed
  • Any details on the asset requiring service