MicroMain Maintenance offers more than 500 standard reports. The reports are organized into groups so you can easily get to the information you need. In addition, you can combine frequently used reports to run as a batch, export reports to Excel, and display graphs of key information.

Popular Reports

MicroMain’s flexible reporting structure allows you to filter your reports by date and many provide cost-related items necessary for budget analysis, charge backs, and understanding the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for assets.

Some of MicroMain’s most popular reports include:

  • Past due work orders, grouped by 0-30 days, 31-60 days, and 61-90 days
  • Complete work order cost summary, by asset
  • Maintenance costs by asset – where you can see, for example the costs for every air handler all in one place
  • Labor reports – by completed work order or by labor/date

Reporting Options

Reporting is made easier with included features such as the ability to “print preview” reports, attach them to emails, export them to Excel, and even pull in information from other Microsoft Office programs.

Maintenance Reporting

Our CMMS software makes maintenance reporting easier than ever. Easily generate maintenance history reports, equipment downtime reports, intelligent analytics reports, and more. Reporting is just one of the many powerful features available with our CMMS software. Learn more about all the other powerful features our CMMS software has to offer!