Parts Inventory

MicroMain Maintenance has flexible functionality which allows you to receive, stock, and retrieve parts from multiple warehouses and/or multiple storage locations within a warehouse. The software tracks the quantity of parts that are available, reserved, on-hand, and on-order so you will always know the status of your inventory and can plan accordingly.

Reduce Costs and Maintain Supply

MicroMain gives you the tools you need to reduce inventory carrying costs while maintaining an adequate supply of the parts required to keeping your facility and equipment running smoothly. MicroMain Maintenance automatically records changes to parts inventory levels as parts are assigned to work orders, pulled from inventory, and consumed. By having access to cumulative, up-to-the-minute inventory information, you’ll always know if you have what you need to complete work orders and perform preventive maintenance. The software will also alert you when your quantity on hand drops below your user-defined minimum, allowing you to reorder before you run out.
Many standard parts-related reports are available to help you analyze usage and understand costs on month-to-date, year-to-date, and life-to-date basis.

Parts inventory is just one of the many great features available with our industry leading CMMS solutions!