Manufacturing Maintenance Software

MicroMain’s maintenance management software will help improve the overall efficiency of your manufacturing plant while driving down costs and reducing equipment downtime. You can assign work orders from the factory floor, track spare part inventories, manage workers from anywhere, and much more. Furthermore, because our CMMS lives in the cloud, you can access it from anywhere you have an Internet connection

Here is a look at just a few of the many benefits our manufacturing maintenance software offers.

Meet Production Goals

Whether you are manufacturing continuous product or separate units, in one plant or in multiple plants around the world, you can use MicroMain’s CMMS to

  • Maximize plant output
  • Minimize equipment downtime and waste
  • Prevent labor overtime
  • Reduce needed inventory
  • Optimize preventive maintenance to keep equipment working at full capacity

Meet Plant Specific Needs

MicroMain software includes comprehensive features related to automated work orders, preventive maintenance scheduling, asset tracking, inventory and cost control and multiple reports. In addition, you have many customization and add-on options.

  • Collect data used for workflow decision making in PLM
  • Track costs related to PLC or CNC maintenance
  • Contribute to Six Sigma quality initiatives
  • Access Material Safety Data Sheets, including attachment to work orders
  • Follow procedures related to PLM such as minimizing scrap through inventory/parts re-use
  • Provide data showing compliance required by OSHA, FDA, EPA and other agencies

Maximize Equipment Availability

To ensure equipment availability, you need to be able to respond quickly to requests for emergency repairs. With MicroMain software, you can identify the right labor and parts and immediately issue work orders detailing the repair needed. You can use the software to store data or integrate with tools enabling proper procedures for repairing equipment on the plant floor. These procedures may be internally required or federally required.

Project Budgets Accurately

Detailed cost and time analysis reports, including total cost of ownership (TCO) for assets and parts, will give you the drill-down data you need to more accurately project budget needs. These reports will help you evaluate productivity and make adjustments to improve labor utilization. In addition, you can show extended asset life based on preventive maintenance, thereby reducing emergency purchases and overtime costs.

Organize Data and Operations

In your plant, you may organize maintenance needs by department, floor or area. In addition to manufacturing equipment and assets, you may also be responsible for maintaining facilities, grounds, parking garages and plant-related support systems. For some companies, different plants are responsible for different products in the manufacturing process. In this case, maintenance costs and productivity are measured both plant-wide and enterprise-wide.

Generate Needed Reports

With MicroMain software, you can run top-level reports for supervisors or CFOs. For your own department, you can access multiple, detailed reports to help you fine-tune your maintenance management operations. MicroMain includes more than 400 standard reports covering assets, labor, parts, costs and more.

Make Well Informed Decisions

Cost-effective MicroMain gives you the tools you need to control labor, contracted services, parts and asset maintenance costs. From pressure regulators to metal fabrication systems, you can use historical, current and projected costs to better manage dollars spent on equipment maintenance.

Some of our manufacturing clients include

Manufacturing Client Testimonial

“Before we had MicroMain’s software, we lacked a lot of the information necessary to make informed decisions. Now we input the data, develop reports and track our trends so that we can make better decisions. The investment was reasonable and payback has been unbelievable”.

Jeff Nevenhoven