MicroMain Maintenance Introductory 2-Day Training

This class is focused on providing a solid background and familiarity with the application to new users of the application. Material is sequenced in a logical manner, starting with a review of the overarching issues and moving on to more detailed material:

  • Review of the application – structure and hierarchy
  • Detailed discussion of data and data hierarchy
  • In-depth review of demand and preventive maintenance work order functionality

Additional related topics include:

  • Parts and inventory
  • Purchase orders
  • Accounts
  • Reporting

Work Request, Mobile for Web, and Control Center may be addressed in the introductory course, with a focus on how they relate to the MicroMain Maintenance application. The class is interactive, both among students and with the trainer, and attendees are asked to take part in practical exercises in which recently covered material is applied through the use of the hosted training environment.

Students are often from various organizations and industries. While industry/company specific operational questions are often posed by students during the class, discussion is kept at a general level, applicable to all in attendance.

An agenda is provided to attendees and serves to structure the discussion over the course of the 2-day class.

Instruction is provided in the MicroMain Training Facility in Austin, Texas. Students have access to a hosted training environment connected to sample data and the class is led by a single MicroMain trainer.

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