Inventory (Pocket PC)

Onsite Asset Cataloging

MicroMain Inventory helps you efficiently prepare for and perform cycle counts and full inventories of parts used for maintenance. Use Pocket PCs to enter counts at the storage location and upload them to your MicroMain database. Using MicroMain Maintenance, you can then make adjustments and generate comprehensive inventory reports.

Count Faster

On physical count days, MicroMain Inventory will streamline your process – allowing technicians to use their Pocket PCs to download part lists, enter counts, then upload their results directly to your MicroMain database.

Increase Accuracy with Barcodes

MicroMain Inventory saves time by allowing users to bring up part information by scanning a barcode. Using barcodes generated directly from the MicroMain database for inventory control ensures that database records match the part labels, making physical counts run smoothly.

Reduce Carrying Costs

After uploading your inventory counts into MicroMain Maintenance, you can generate dozens of part and inventory control reports. Use filters such as ABC code, account, control number, person responsible for count, or location to create reports that help organize cycle counting and full inventories. Use comprehensive reports to help reduce inventory carrying costs by analyzing:

  • Active parts – by manufacturer, supplier, and/or control number
  • Inventory by location, class, or category
  • Parts issued, used, and returned
  • Parts use frequency
  • Inactive parts

Inventory management is just one of the many great features available with our industry leading CMMS solutions!