Hospitality & Recreation Maintenance Software

Since 1991, hospitality and recreation facilities – from hotels, restaurants, and amusement parks to museums and stadiums – have been using MicroMain CMMS/EAM maintenance software to streamline their facility and maintenance operations. With maintenance under control, managers are freed up to focus on first-rate customer service and improving their guests’ experience.

Make a Great Impression

From parking structures to the appearance of the front-entrance to the condition of restrooms, guests form early and lasting impressions of the facilities they visit. While visitors may not comment when the grounds are well-tended, the electrical and plumbing systems work, and the carpet and paint are fresh, they may complain if they are not.

MicroMain gives you the functionality you need – such as visual work order scheduling, mobile access, and prioritization tools- to help you respond quickly to demand service requests. In addition, preventive maintenance functions ensure you take care of your assets on a regularly scheduled basis, keeping equipment and vehicles running efficiently and areas neat and clean. Elevators work, air conditioning keeps people comfortable, pool filters keep water clear, doors lock as needed—and most importantly, guests are happy.

Grow with MicroMain

MicroMain software provides you with the information you need to make good decisions regarding deferred maintenance, facility upgrades, and capital plans. Our solutions will help you understand your costs across one or multiple sites, including the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your assets. By tracking supplier information, inventory levels, and contractor costs by work order, area, facility, or site you’ll have what you need to increase productivity and responsiveness. Scheduling resources for expanding a hotel lobby or installing more seats in a sky box or improving parking areas is easier with MicroMain software.

Satisfy Compliance Reporting Requirements

With MicroMain, you can quickly generate reports for one or more sites, or the organization as a whole. These reports can help you demonstrate compliance with:

  • Federal, state, and local codes
  • Americans with Disabilities Act regulations
  • Fire codes and other safety regulations
  • Environmental protection and energy conservation acts

Recreation Client Testimonial

“MicroMain was selected over other CMMS companies because it was cost-effective and provided the type of tracking and features that we needed in a CMMS system.”

Sheilah Spencir