MicroMain Mobile Technician

Mobile Technician lets MicroMain users work offline to complete assigned tasks, including recording task time and parts used. Users can plan their workday, record task information, and review completed tasks from a smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device. Record details such as task time and parts used while performing tasks or after tasks have been completed. Managers can also create and assign new tasks while in the field.

Plan the Workday

  • See current and upcoming assigned tasks.
  • Self-assign tasks from the task queue.
  • Customize the home page execution list for quick access to today’s tasks.

Perform and Complete Tasks

  • Start the built-in task timer to automatically record time spent performing tasks.
  • Use the barcode scanner to record parts used, or select parts used from the available inventory.
  • Add asset photos, enter comments, upload documents, and record required signatures.
  • Change task status to Completed to move the task to the Summary page.

Review Completed Tasks

  • Review and edit completed task details.
  • Enter task time.
  • Add parts, photos, comments, documents, or signatures as needed.
  • Clear and upload all of the day’s completed tasks with one touch.

Other Features

  • Managers can use the asset barcode scanner to create new tasks.
  • Available fingerprint log-in for devices with fingerprint scanners.
  • Multiple filters let you customize task lists and easily search for specific tasks.