National Management Resources CMMS Case Study

National Management Resources

Case Study

National Management Resources Corporation relies on MicroMain's CMMS, delivered over the Internet to help meet its mission: enabling educational institutions to present an appealing professional image.

National Management Resources Corporation has provided maintenance management and additional services to institutions for 25 years. Since focusing on colleges for the past decade, National has seen the direct result of its services-enhanced image.

"Image is very important to universities and other educational institutions," says Chris Hoppe, Vice President of Business Operations with National. "Image stimulates recruiting efforts, sustains student retention and bolsters fund-raising activities. Our services enable educational institutions to present an appealing professional image.

"But in addition to helping promote an institution's image, we also need to control expenses," he adds. "That's why we were looking for a cost-effective computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) to help us provide first-rate facility and landscape maintenance, custodial services, and event logistics services to our clients."

Dissatisfied with its previous CMMS, National reviewed several products before selecting MicroMain. MicroMain XM stood out from the rest, Hoppe says, because it was very easy to use, comprehensive, and fit in with the way National was already working. National also liked the fact that MicroMain was a Microsoft partner. Another big plus was MicroMain XM's scheduling functionality, primarily utilized for preventive maintenance, which could also be used for the hundreds of school events that National's staff coordinates.

Universities and educational institutions in eight states throughout the Midwest and Southeast presently outsource their maintenance and custodial needs to National. So National needed a CMMS that could be used by different staffs at multiple locations dispersed over a large geographical area.

The company also wanted fast implementation so staff could begin working right away when a new university signed on for National's services. In addition, National required a CMMS that could easily provide specific information from each educational institution. This included number of completed work orders, costs associated with corrective and preventive work orders, employee productivity, equipment repair, and college-specific concerns such as vandalism costs. Using these reports, executives at National's headquarters in La Grange, Georgia, can track overall performance and costs and make adjustments as needed.

With MicroMain, National found what it needed

"We looked at the application service provider (ASP) delivery because we wanted a CMMS with web access," Hoppe says. "Many of our universities are web-savvy and we needed a system that addressed that.

"For example, one client university wanted to be sure all of its students, faculty and staff could submit work requests at any time via the Internet," he adds. "The university also wanted to allow students and others to check on the status of their work requests online, which eliminates a lot of telephone calls and follow-up. So we are using Work Request, MicroMain's web-based work request module, with them as well as the core product."

Hoppe says he also appreciates being able to go to the web, from any location at any time, to review work from National's 450 employees at the various universities.

With MicroMain XSP, the software is "rented" with a fixed monthly payment per license, so National did not have to invest in a capital outlay for its CMMS. Companies using MicroMain XSP also reduce costs over a standard client-hosted CMMS because they do not have to pay IT staff for system administration or maintenance. National could also bypass potential problems related to each university's individual IT infrastructure since staff simply log on to the Internet to use the maintenance management software.

"From a marketing standpoint, we broadcast the fact that our CMMS is web-based," Hoppe says. "We include our association with MicroMain in our proposals. Basically we let clients know that we have the CMMS that they are looking for."

One independent liberal arts college with a 100-acre campus recently contracted with National due in large part, Hoppe says, to National's web-based maintenance services. This college joins many other educational institutions across the United States utilizing National for facility, equipment, vehicle and grounds maintenance.

"MicroMain XSP is doing exactly what we hoped it would do," Hoppe says. "The software and its easy access over the Internet have delivered the results we were looking for."

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