About MicroMain

MicroMain Corporation provides award-winning maintenance and facility management software and services to organizations worldwide. Since 1991, MicroMain has been building strong relationships with customers in industries such as Manufacturing, Healthcare, Property Management, Hospitality, and the Public Sector. Our software is used by more than 30,000 users to streamline maintenance at 5000+ facilities on 6 continents. At MicroMain we pride ourselves on our personalized services and the close ties we have with our customers. We enjoy getting to know our users and learning how they are using our software each year at our annual Users Conference.


We are proud of the fact that MicroMain Corporation has been a Microsoft® Certified Partner since the inception of the program in 1994. In 1999 we were recognized by Microsoft as one of the fastest growing independent software vendors for Windows® in North America. MicroMain regularly receives advance information about Microsoft product plans and copies of beta and pre-beta software. This information allows us to coordinate MicroMain products with Microsoft product releases and upgrades, assuring our products utilize the latest available technology.

Microsoft Partner

MicroMain also is an Autodesk® Authorized Developer. This enables us to make our Facility Management Software second to none with regards to compatibility with Autodesk, quality of design, and usefulness.

Autodesk Developer


We have received many awards over the years, including Product of the Year from Plant Engineering, Fast 50/500 fastest growing technology company from Deloitte and Touche, Top 50 fastest growing private company and top 25 woman-owned businesses from Austin Business Journal, Readers’ Choice award from Today’s Facility Manager, 5-star product rating from ZD Net, and fastest growing independent software vendor from Information Week and Microsoft.


MicroMain’s initial product, Maintenance Supervisor, was originally developed by a co-founder in 1986. The system was designed to track routine maintenance and service requests from residents to ensure the work was completed in a timely manner. Due to the unfamiliarity of most facility management staff with computers at the time, he made it his mission to make the program easy to learn and easy to use. As other retirement centers became aware of the program and began requesting copies, MicroMain Corporation was formed to handle further development and distribution. Even though the original program has grown into what is now a comprehensive set of interrelated software products used to manage thousands of facilities of every type, MicroMain has remained true to its initial mission to develop software that is easy to learn and easy to use.

Since that time, MicroMain has grown to help customers worldwide to better manage and maintain their facilities, equipment, and other assets. MicroMain Maintenance now offers more than 10 add-on modules that allow mobile access and provide functionality for specific tasks such as key and tool tracking, taking inventory, and consolidating work orders.

In 2002, MicroMain introduced Facility Management, a drawing-based software package designed to help those responsible for space planning, and managing facility occupants and assets. Facility Management has recently undergone a major upgrade which allows users take advantage of the graphical interface without needing CAD drawings as inputs. Facility Management works with your MicroMain Maintenance database allowing for seamless planning, work order processing, and effective maintenance management.