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MicroMain CMMS software makes it easy to manage maintenance and reduce costs. Our award-winning solutions have been saving organizations time and money for over 20 years. Please select your preferred delivery method to see which version best fits your organization. If you’re not sure, let us help by clicking “Help Me Decide.”

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MicroMain offers a range of products designed for our unique customers. From the one man shop, to a multi-million square foot facility, our products can handle it.

Maintenance Basic is ideal for small-medium sizes businesses and features the same great user-friendly interface and comprehensive work order functionality.

Maintenance Premium is our most popular product, offering advanced reporting, fleet management capabilities.

Maintenance Healthcare provides additional healthcare functionality for hospitals and medical facilities.

Ask about our low-cost SaaS offering that starts at just $44* per month per user.


A CMMS, or Computerized Maintenance Management System, is software designed to simplify maintenance management. CMMS solutions empower organizations by streamlining work order management, optimizing preventive maintenance tasks, generating valuable reports, and much more.

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What is a CMMS?

The word ‘computerized’ in the phrase “Computerized Maintenance Management System” indicates that with a CMMS, all your maintenance data will be stored on a computer making it much easier to keep track of maintenance operations. The word ‘maintenance’ indicates the focus of the software. There are all different types of software for all type of jobs, and CMMS software is specifically designed to facilitate maintenance requirements. The word ‘management’ also indicates the role of a CMMS. A CMMS can help track and manage all needed maintenance in terms of prioritizing tasks and gathering necessary information for the technician to perform the work. Finally, the word ‘system’ pulls together all the features and capabilities you can expect from a CMMS. When you combine them all together (Computerized Maintenance Management System) you get a software system that can manage a variety of tasks such as work orders, preventative maintenance, purchase orders, inventory, and more. By understanding each word in the CMMS abbreviation, you will better understand what the CMMS system does, how it can help your operations, and how to choose the right CMMS software for your business. Read more about what a CMMS is.

What Benefits Can a CMMS Offer?

CMMS software can be extremely beneficial to a wide range of industries including manufacturing, healthcare, education, real estate, and more. A CMMS is designed to help maintenance professionals better manage all maintenance tasks and operations for a business or other organization. A CMMS offers several key benefits to its users, one of the most important of which is reducing costs. By planning and carrying out regular maintenance with a CMMS, important equipment will remain in top working order at all times, thus preventing unexpected repairs and operation downtime. Other CMMS benefits relate to improved performance. For example, because the system plans and prioritizes all maintenance tasks, there is less disruption to the daily work schedule, and since the software handles many administrative tasks, it also allows engineers to better focus on their main job duties. CMMS software can also offer an instant view of all maintenance operations at any time, generate safety instructions & risk assessments, and reduce the amount of work needed in periodic audits. By learning about these and other benefits of CMMS, you can better understand how a CMMS can improve the costs, performance and efficiency of many different businesses. Learn more about the benefits of a CMMS.

What is a CMMS Used For?

A computerized maintenance management system helps to effectively manage all needed maintenance for a business or other organization by streamlining regular maintenance duties and tasks. Businesses use a CMMS to improve the productivity, efficiency and overall costs of their operations. But how is a CMMS actually used in practice? One common use for a CMMS is work order tracking (tracking maintenance from the start to the finish). In terms of facilitating maintenance duties, it can also be used to schedule routine maintenance, acting as a calendar that sends reminders to the appropriate staff members. Moving beyond maintenance, a CMMS can also be used for inventory management, allowing users to know how many of a particular item is in stock and how many parts were used in recent repair work. A CMMS can also be a used as an easier and more efficient way to keep records. The computerized system holds a maintenance history that can be used in audits and ISO certification. These records can also be used as a database to scan previous repairs and find solutions to similar problems. There are many specific ways to use a CMMS and each function can help maintenance professionals streamline processes and cut maintenance costs. Learn more about how a CMMS is used.

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