Upgrade Your MicroMain Maintenance Software

1. Learn About Maintenance 8.5

For a comprehensive list of changes, consult our What’s New in Maintenance 8.5? (PDF download).

2. Get Ready to Upgrade

Consult your IT department and let them know you’re planning to upgrade your MicroMain software. If you have a question, please call your Customer Account Manager at 888-888-1600.

3. Request an Upgrade

Simply complete the form above and hit submit. We’ll process your request and get back to you shortly to talk about your next step.

Are My Add-Ons Compatible with Maintenance 8.5?

Current releases of all MicroMain Maintenance add-on modules are compatible with Maintenance 8.5.

How Much Will it Cost to Upgrade?

If you have a current Priority Support Subscription (PSS), your software upgrade is free.

Customers without a current PSS can purchase Maintenance 8.5. Fill out the form on this page and a Customer Account Manager will go over pricing.

Will How I Access My Software Affect My Upgrade?

If you’ve installed MicroMain Maintenance locally at your site, we’ll send provide Maintenance 8.5 access from an ftp site so your IT department can upgrade your system. Instructions for upgrading your database and installing the new software will be detailed in the Installation Guide.

If you’re using MicroMain Maintenance in a hosted environment, we’ll upgrade your database and your software for you.

Is There Anything Else to Consider?

There are many factors specific to your implementation that may affect your upgrade process. These include existing software customizations and other details related to your IT environment.

MicroMain is here to help. If you wish to upgrade, fill out the form on this page and your Customer Account Manager will provide you with information and options to ensure your upgrade will take place smoothly.

Database FAQ

Maintenance 8.5 uses Microsoft SQL Server for increased speed, performance, and stability. You may want to consult your IT department regarding the information covered in this Database FAQ.

Is There an Access Database Version of Maintenance 8.5?

There is no Access version of Maintenance 8.5. The Maintenance 8.5 uses Microsoft SQL Server for improved performance and stability.