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November 15, 2013
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December 15, 2013

Santa’s CMMS Solution

CMMS From SantaSanta must deliver millions of toys to millions of kids over the course of a single night. It’s no easy task. And without a comprehensive CMMS solution, it’s downright impossible.

Children often hear the story of Santa Claus, but they rarely learn about Santa’s experience in maintenance management. Only the MicroMain blog is courageous enough to share this untold story.

Based on a thorough analysis of Santa’s annual success in the toy manufacturing and toy delivery industries, we’re pretty sure he uses MicroMain Maintenance Premium.

Santa’s Workforce

Santa employs thousands of elves who must each work long hours. But Santa does not want his elves to dip into overtime hours, because although Santa is magical, his budget is not. Santa’s CMMS lets him manage labor hours so that he can produce millions of toys as cost-effectively as possible. Unfortunately, his reindeer are contracted to work on Christmas morning, which means he must pay them time-and-a-half.

Maintenance Premium also gives Santa the tools he needs to assign staff to tasks at which they are most efficient. This reduces costs and ultimately leads to greater toy output, meaning fewer kids on Santa’s Nice List will wake up with coal on Christmas morning due to insufficient toy quantities.

The Elf Workshop

Santa’s elf workshop is a bustling place year-round, with over a billion toys in need of assembly. Santa can’t afford to have a conveyor belt break, so he maintains all of his assets with comprehensive PM scheduling, according to manufacturer’s guidelines (it is extremely expensive to ship replacement assets out to the North Pole).

In order to manage the massive amounts of inventory required to manufacture all the toys on Santa’s list, the elves must rely on Maintenance Premium’s thorough inventory management capabilities. When Santa’s stock of toy soldier muskets dips below a pre-defined level (in this case, 10,000), the software triggers an alert and Santa is able to create and execute a purchase order.

One Horse Open Sleigh Management

On Christmas Eve, if Santa’s sleigh is in the wrong location or low on fuel, millions of children will miss out on Christmas morning. There’s a lot of pressure on Santa’s shoulders, so he takes advantage of Maintenance Premium’s fleet management capabilities.

Santa’s Sleigh is not a typical vehicle. Thankfully, MicroMain Premium is flexible. Santa has had his software customized to include a special form for reindeer management, which includes a customized field for reindeer fuel (mainly lichens and other plants). MicroMain will probably not introduce this customization into a future official software release.

If Rudolf’s nose is too dim, Santa would have great difficulty guiding his sleigh. Maintenance Premium alerts Santa when his supply of spare Rudolf noses is too low, which is especially helpful if it’s a foggy Christmas Eve. It is reasonable to assume that Rudolf would not have gone down in history if it weren’t for Santa’s easy-to-use, feature-rich CMMS solution.

Santa’s Reports

CMMS Report for Santa

Santa relies on MicroMain Premium for its comprehensive reporting capabilities. He is able to predict year-over-year inventory needs by looking into his database history and generating inventory reports. With a few clicks, Santa can also create a report for past-due work orders. Now his maintenance technician elves can most effectively tackle the most critical maintenance needs.

MicroMain’s in-depth reports also lets Santa demonstrate compliance with the North Pole’s stringent elf labor laws.

A Very CMMS Christmas

Thanks to MicroMain Maintenace Premium, Santa does not have to worry about his magic present sack containing insufficient deliverables. His elf workshop has also been able to keep costs low, which gives Santa the resources he needs to keep up with increasingly-complicated toy technology.

Santa’s fully-optimized workshop also affords he and his elves a little time off post-Christmas, where they will vacation in the Bahamas. With MicroMain’s CMMS solutions, it’s no surprise Santa is so jolly.

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