Facility Management Software Expert Victor Villarrea Q&A
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September 15, 2012
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October 15, 2012

Q&A with Facility Management Expert, Victor Villarreal

MicroMain welcomed a new member to the team last month, Victor Villarreal. Victor has over a decade’s worth of experience in facility and city planning, which he is using to support MicroMain’s Facility Management software and services. Last week he hosted our first-ever CAFM Webinar.


MicroMain Facility Management is our computer-aided facility management (CAFM) software solution designed to aid in space allocation, charge backs, move management, and the reporting and analytics associated with those tasks. The user-friendly interface allows for an efficient workflow, and CAD integration makes working with multiple file types a breeze.

We asked Victor to discuss some of the challenges facing facility managers, and how those obstacles can be overcome.

What is your background in facility management and planning?

I first entered the field performing contract FM work for DELL computers in the late 90s. This was followed by over a decade of experience helping both public and private sector clients plan for and implement transformative change, with respect to both process and organizational structure. This has provided me with a solid background for my FM work with MicroMain, where I help clients develop and successfully implement their new FM operations using MicroMain Facility Management.

Can you explain the challenges facing facility managers today?

While these challenges will vary somewhat based on the organization, the commonality for Facility Managers is the need for a system and process that quickly and easily delivers the key data they require to keep their organizations running smoothly. This is where MicroMain comes in, delivering a no-nonsense, streamlined product that does just this.

What can be done to confront these challenges?

The ideal strategy is to not only choose an FM application that meets their needs, but to ensure the vendor is capable of providing solid training and implementation services using industry best practices. The tool itself is only part of the equation. This is where MicroMain excels. Our FM implementation specialists not only provide excellent training on the software application, but we provide key process consultation to help organizations get the most from their software and overall FM operations.

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