The New Girl’s Guide to the MicroMain Users Conference

During the MicroMain Users Conference, I understood what the company embodies: you locate us because of the software and services we offer, but you stay because of the people and the customer service you receive. Here’s how I found out:

What’s the best way to not stand out like the new girl?

The Kickoff for the MicroMain Users Conference also happened to be my first day on the job. While typical first days are filled with excitement, a little of anxiety (by little, I mean a lot), and uncertainty, my first day was nothing like that. I had the chance to greet customers who traveled from all over the U.S. to attend our annual Users Conference. Travelers came from Michigan, Tennessee, Kansas and even Hawaii (umm… jealous). We enjoyed typical Texas hors d’oeuvres (and of course lots of chips and salsa) and chatted over cocktails. Not too shabby for a first day!

Being new, I didn’t exactly know what to expect, but throughout the conference, I gained knowledge on our various forms of software and how we help companies in different ways. The training for the attendees was also training for me – they were incredibly thorough and detailed and offered opportunities for questions and discussions.

Make meaningful bonds

Not only was this an opportune time to meet our customers and users, I was also able to meet and bond with my fellow MicroMain team members. Thankfully, we all wore matching shirts so I (and attendees) could tell who the employees were. Nothing says “New Girl” like walking up to a coworker and asking how they enjoy using MicroMain in their workplace.

The MicroMain Users Conference is so much more than just learning about the software, it’s also meant to be a lot of fun. On the last night of the Conference, we all walked down to Maggie Mae’s on 6th street, where we enjoyed good food and an awesome 80’s cover band. I could tell several of our customers were itching to get on the dance floor, so I grabbed a couple hands and we had a blast dancing to all the 80’s hits. Besides, who can resist the urge to chant “Bah-Bah-Bah” when Sweet Caroline comes on? #Classic

Come for the software, stay for the service

At the end of the conference, several customers came up to tell me that they could not believe it was my first week. Trust me, all those first-day jitters – uncertainty, anxiety, and excitement were all there – but I had so much fun that I actually forgot it was my first week. To me, that’s what MicroMain embodies. You locate us because of the software and services we offer, but you stay because of the people and the customer service you receive. Here, everyone is family. I got that in my first 3 days, and I can’t wait to see what my future holds being a part of the MicroMain team.