Maintenance Management Round-Up November 20, 2012
The Ins and Outs of CMMS Software Infographic
November 15, 2012
The Maintenance Round-Up
November 27, 2012

Maintenance Round-Up

Maintenance Management Round-Up

The Maintenance Round-Up: a one-stop source for facility and maintenance news. This time we cover, Reduce Energy Consumption

High on the energy hog –

Looking to implement an energy and cost saving program? Take a page from Harley Davidson Co., who initiated a wildly successful program in the late ’90s (reducing energy use by approximately 500,000 kWh per year). Harley Davidson Co. continues to make good maintenance decisions; they are current MicroMain customers.

Green Features Reduce Energy Consumption 58 Percent – FacilitiesNet

As maintenance managers well know, “going green” isn’t just about helping the environment — it’s about reducing costs. Lowering your carbon footprint is a great way to increase your bottom line.

3 Steps to Achieving Zero-Waste – Software Advice

On the subject of reducing waste, Software Advice is here with 3 broad steps for achieving zero-waste. It’s a lofty goal, but General Motors “recently announced its 100th facility to become landfill free–that is, having successfully diverted 100 percent of its waste stream.”

Access Control: Trouble Spots in Facility Security – FacilitiesNet

Facility security equipment is only effective if it’s well-maintained. Here are some things to look out for.

Green Speakers To Help Your Business Thrive –

Improving your facility and equipment maintenance saves both money and natural resources. features speakers on sustainable business, energy and water conservation, reducing waste and pollution prevention – all strategies to save both money and the planet, and all tie in to improving your maintenance management program.

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