The Maintenance Management Round-Up August 14, 2012
Maintenance Round-Up
August 7, 2012
Fixing the Process, Not Just the Problems | Part 4 of 5 
August 15, 2012

The Maintenance Round-Up

Maintenance Management Round-Up



The Maintenance Round-Up: a one-stop source for facility and maintenance news. This time we cover Data-driven Maintenance, Process Safety, Handheld Computer Devices

Data-driven maintenance –

The importance of using data to guide maintenance work has been proven. Still, ensuring compliance from maintenance workers isn’t always easy. wrote a nice guide to overcoming this dilemma using the problem-solving model “Ready, aim, and fire.”

Equipment Rental Offers Managers Many Advantages – FacilitiesNet

Do you own all your equipment, or rent? FacilitiesNet weighs in with some benefits to renting, including fixed costs–and an absence of downtime costs when the equipment is not needed. The article also provides a short list of renting tips and tricks.

Handheld Computing Devices Improve Managing Work-Order Data – FacilitiesNet

This article from FacilitiesNet takes a hard look at the need for handheld devices in maintenance. Author Michael Cowley is skeptical, but is beginning to see the upside. Still, as Cowley notes, regardless of your methods “the quality of your data depend on only two things — discipline and accountability.”

Evaluating a Process Safety System –

Plant Engineering wrote a great guide for evaluating your facility’s safety systems. If you bought an existing processing plant (or just need a new evaluation), this article is an important read. Evaluating your system “may bring not only improved safety, but potential cost savings as well.”

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