The Maintenance Management Round-Up January 17, 2013
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January 14, 2013
The Importance of Asset Relationships in a CMMS
January 21, 2013

The Maintenance Round-Up

Maintenance Management Round-Up


The Maintenance Round-Up: a one-stop source for facility and maintenance news. This time we cover Emergency Maintenance, Improve Fleet Efficiencies, Marshall Institute.

How reactive is your performance? – Plant Services

Here’s an insightful article about emergency maintenance from Plant Services, who notes, “The first casualties of emergency work are often preventive maintenance (PM) and predictive maintenance (PdM), since they are the first to be postponed. Of course, the result is that more emergency work self-schedules, since early warning signs are no longer being picked up by PM and PdM work.”

4 Solutions to Improve Fleet Efficiencies and Keep on Truckin’ – Software Advice

From Michael Koploy of Software Advice and the blog comes a few pointers for improving fleet management and efficiencies. In addition to a CMMS with fleet capabilities, this article profiles four technologies that can “improve transportation efficiency, increase margins and build a leaner operation.”

Design for Reliability – Part 4 of 6 – Marshall Institute

Marshall Institute’s 6 part series on “Design for Reliability” continues with Part 4, focusing on Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA).

Emergency Preparedness Plans Should Address Issues From IT To Staff – FacilitiesNet

FacilitiesNet says, “When it’s time to develop or update a plan, there are certain things to keep in mind: Reach out to all departments, define what truly is critical and don’t count on being able to use your local vendors. Once you’ve developed that plan, training becomes crucial, as well.”

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