MicroMain Maintenance Basic. Easy to Use CMMS Solution

Maintenance Management Basic from MicroMain

MicroMain Maintenance Basic is an easy-to-use, cost-effective and powerful CMMS solution. Despite its competitive price, Maintenance Basic has a comprehensive array of features to help streamline maintenance operations and reduce costs.

Intuitive Interface

With Maintenance Basic, you have what you need to manage maintenance at your fingertips. And now our software is easier to use than ever before. User-friendly features include:

  • Real-time preview windows
  • Resizable menu forms
  • Modify screens to show only the information important to you
  • Microsoft Outlook Connectivity
  • Complete list of options to fine-tune your experience
  • Includes Control Center, our easy-to-use administrative tool

Unbeatable Value

Maintenance Basic can help streamline your maintenance operations with minimal IT overhead. It includes a competitive portfolio of out-of-the-box features rarely seen at this price point.

MicroMain Maintenance Basic is also compatible with our most popular ad-ons including: