Key Tracking. Manage Keys & Control Access to Specific Areas

Key Tracking Software

Improve security and control access.

Use MicroMain Key Tracking to manage keys and to control access to areas and equipment. Stop spending time looking for keys, struggling to unlock rooms or equipment, or trying to determine who may have had access to a secure area after a problem occurs. With Key Tracking, you’ll know exactly who has which keys and what those keys unlock.

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Never Lose Your Keys

MicroMain Key Tracking allows you to:

  • Record information about each key
  • Check specific key bittings
  • Track key locations
  • Maintain key inventories
  • Assign keys to areas, vehicles, and equipment
  • Issue keys to people
  • Categorize keys by level, including master keys

This tracking software also allows you to see which assets are keyed alike (multiple locks opened by same key) and which assets are cross-keyed (single locks opened by multiple keys). Maintaining key inventories and numbers of copies is easy – create new key records, destroy damaged keys, and record lost keys.

Improve Security

Key Tracking monitors both keys and keyholders, so you’ll always know:

  • Who has been issued which keys
  • Who last had each key
  • When keys are due to be returned
  • Keyholder’s department and title/trade

When issuing keys, you can specify return dates, collect deposits, and print receipts – helping to ensure keys are returned on time. Quick access to detailed records regarding keys, keyholders, and restricted areas and equipment helps you improve security throughout your organization.

Lock Your Records

Every time a key or copy of a key is created, issued, destroyed, lost, or found, a transaction record is created in the database for the key and keyholder(s) and stored in a log. This log locks down the event and the date. The log also captures pertinent information including key name, quantity, serial number, and any deposits/fees.