Fleet Management with a CMMS System

When it comes to maintaining your fleet, MicroMain Maintenance Management is the equivalent of cruise control. A fleet can mean anything from a tugboat to an apartment complex golf cart to your standard everyday diesel electric locomotive. If it takes fuel, has wheels, and needs the occasional part replacement or work request, it’s part of your fleet. MicroMain’s CMMS software is your automated preventive maintenance-generating pit crew.

The first step to getting full use out of MicroMain’s comprehensive fleet management feature set is to have all your vehicles, fluids, and tires entered into your database. Naturally, MicroMain can help with the collection and entry of this information.

CMMS For Fleet Management

The fleet management tools are easily accessible via the main screen. Just click on “Fleet” and all the vehicle assets in your database will appear.

CMMS Fleet Management Software

Double clicking on each vehicle brings up a wealth of information. You can track its location, warranties, fuel, tires, who it’s assigned to, and more. You can even insert a picture of the vehicle.

CMMS for Fleet Management

Selecting “Fuel/Fluids” brings up a list of all the fuels and fluids used in your fleet. This includes oil, lubricants, gasoline, diesel fluids, etc. — any liquid you rely on to keep your fleet running. Selecting “Tires,” meanwhile, brings up all the tires in your fleet, as well as all the information you need to keep them up-to-date.

Fleet management is the solution for efficiently tracking the mileage, maintenance history, and fuel usage of your vehicles. And it’s more than just a great way to ensure you’re not missing a forklift. A good fleet management system will reduce repair and replacement costs, optimize usage of fleet-related consumables (fluids, tires, etc.), and extend the life expectancy of your vehicles.

If you want to know more about using surveys or MicroMain products, contact a MicroMain expert.