Facility Management Software (CAFM)


MicroMain Facility Management is a complete drawing-based facility management (FM / CAFM) and space planning software package that lets you efficiently manage people and space information for all of your facilities.

Our software makes it easy to manage space allocation, plan and execute moves, generate in-depth reports, satisfy emergency preparation requirements, and analyze costs associated with renovations, department charge backs, and personnel changes.

MicroMain’s Facility Management provides significant features that make this the right choice for you:

  • Quick and easy move/space management from one popup screen

  • Dynamic reporting that provides ANSI/BOMA Z65.12010 compliant information

  • Reports include Enterprise, Property, Building, and Floor data from one screen

  • All reports have graphical and tabular views

  • Meet accounting requirements — match up to 8 levels of financial hierarchy

  • Minimal effort needed to import AutoCAD files

  • Takes less time to setup, install, run and maintain

  • Ease of software navigation means it is easy-to-learn and simple-to-use

Facility Management Made Easy

Say goodbye to clutter and confusion. MicroMain Facility Management offers a clean, simple interface so you have easy access to the information most important to you. Interface elements that put you in control include:

The Insight You Need

Whether you want end-of-quarter enterprise-level data such as the amount of space occupied by a specific department, or an on-the-fly move history of a single employee, MicroMain’s FM software provides the information you need to keep your organization running smoothly. With Facility Management, you have instant access to invaluable information, including:


Organization (Business Unit) Space Summary

Move History Reports

Space Class Summary

Area Type Summary

Assigned Spaces

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The Perfect Turnkey Implementation

MicroMain provides a professional pre-implementation consultation so that Facility Management

is optimized to meet your organization’s specific needs. We offer recommendations on key topics such as data naming conventions, data hierarchy, and FM / CAFM best practices to ensure you get the most out of your software. With MicroMain Facility Management’s implementation services, our software can deliver a fully-functional solution right out of the gate.

Support When You Need It

Even after your MicroMain FM system is fully implemented , MicroMain will be there when you need

us. We provide ongoing technical support, no matter the scope or nature of your needs – whether you need data integration, additional drawing preparations, or database optimization. Additionally, our toll-free Customer Support Hotline is available during normal business hours to answer all your inquiries.

MicroMain also offers world-class training services, both for new customers and for those looking to optimize an existing system. With our extensive training classes, your organization will stay up-to-date on software features and the latest facility management best practices.

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