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January 18, 2018
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February 14, 2018

CMMS ROI Calculator

CMMS ROI calculator

We know it’s clear to you that a proper CMMS will help extend the life of your equipment and reduce downtime. What isn’t always so clear is how the cost of the software benefits your company’s bottom line.

Calculate your estimated ROI with our CMMS ROI Calculator that consists of 3 simple steps. Make sure to follow the instructions and input actual values to obtain an accurate result*.

*Results may vary based on individual facilities.

3 Year Goal

The first step is to set a 3-year savings goal. For example: By year 3 you would like to see a 50% reduction in annual overtime cost.

Check each category you want to include in your ROI calculation. A checkbox will automatically be checked once a value is entered into a maintenance cost category.

Click next to go to the following step.


The second step is to enter your estimated cost to implement a CMMS each of the 3 years. That cost should include software, training, consulting, etc. It should get less expensive each year.

Click next to go to the final step.

Maintenance Cost

The final step before calculating your CMMS ROI, is to enter your current cost for each category you want to include in your savings and ROI calculation.

CMMS Saving and ROI Results

This is how profitable implementing MicroMain CMMS would be for your company.

The calculator shows:

Year 1 ➜ cost savings of ½ your 3-year goal
Year 2 ➜ cost savings of ¾ your 3-year goal
Year 3 ➜ cost savings at the percentage of your 3-year goal

  Downtime Overtime Inventory Equipment
Year 1 {{cmmsSavings.y1Downtime}} K {{cmmsSavings.y1Overtime}} K {{cmmsSavings.y1Inventory}} K {{cmmsSavings.y1Equipment}} K
Year 2 {{cmmsSavings.y2Downtime}} K {{cmmsSavings.y2Overtime}} K {{cmmsSavings.y2Inventory}} K {{cmmsSavings.y2Equipment}} K
Year 3 {{cmmsSavings.y3Downtime}} K {{cmmsSavings.y3Overtime}} K {{cmmsSavings.y3Inventory}} K {{cmmsSavings.y3Equipment}} K
Total Savings {{totalSavings.downtime}} K {{totalSavings.overtime}} K {{totalSavings.inventory}} K {{}} K
ROI {{roi.downtime}} % {{roi.overtime}} % {{roi.inventory}} % {{}} %
Total savings for selected categories over 3 years {{}} K
Total ROI for selected categories over 3 years {{totalSavings.totalRoi}} %

MicroMain CMMS makes it easy to manage maintenance and reduce costs. Our award-winning solutions have been saving organizations time and money for over 20 years. Find out how our software solutions can benefit your business. Schedule a free consultation.

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