New MicroMain Mobile Release

Maintenance work is rarely performed within sight of your bulky desktop computer. So why should the CMMS software that lets you manage that work be shackled to your desktop?

MicroMain Mobile is the solution for getting maintenance done quickly, efficiently, and on the go. Mobile is an add-on module to MicroMain Maintenance. It runs on any device with internet access, including Android and iOS.

The new version of MicroMain Mobile is one of the cleanest and more forward-thinking products in MicroMain’s history. We can’t stop talking about it. From swiping the screen to one-touch access to the most relevant work orders, accomplishing maintenance on your mobile device is now easier then ever.

Mobile Dashboard

With a quick glance of the new Mobile Dashboard, you can see the complete, up-to-the-minute status of your maintenance operations. This comes in handy out on a job site — or wherever you happen to be. Color-coded indicators let you know which key performance indicators (KPIs) are below acceptable thresholds.

CMMS Mobile Screenshot

MicroMain Mobile offers dozens of KPIs related to Work Orders, Inventory, Labor, Cost, and Failures. Threshold can be customized to help you see which KPIs are acceptable (green), borderline (orange), or currently falls below acceptable parameters (red). Prioritizing work has never been easier.

Work Order Calendar and Advanced Filtering

The calendar views lets you view work orders visually according to due date. You can view work orders for the month, week, or day. From there you can drill down to each individual work order for more details.

Mobile CMMS Screenshot

With advanced filtering for Property, Building, Floor, Shop, and Labor, your technician can stay focused on only the most relevant work orders. Filters apply to the work order list tab, each calendar page, and the Mobile Dashboard.

Work orders that have labor assignments will display a person icon in the background. If there is no person icon, the work order is unassigned, or assigned to someone else.

Work On-The-Go

With MicroMain Mobile, you can modify open work orders, create new work orders, add parts, assign labor, update meters, update inspection points, and close work orders — all without using your desktop computer.

Where do I sign up?

For more information about MicroMain Mobile, including details on how to upgrade, fill our live demo form or send us an email.