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CMMS / CAFM Webinars

CMMS Webinar – Tuesday, January 30th, Noon Central Asset Protection/ROI

Learn how to estimate Return on Investment for your CMMS. Join us as we walk you through protecting your assets. Register for this free webinar. You will receive an email with instructions on how to join the webinar

Watch Previous Webinars

Did you miss a webinar? Good news — we have them recorded. You can watch them at any time by following the links to our blog recaps.

CAFM Overview – Join us for a 30 minute discussion of critical factors that will improve space and move management for you and your company. Learn about BOMA compliant reporting.

CMMS Software Demonstration – Live webinar diving into the features and benefits of CMMS software

End of the Year Checklist – Year end is a good time to review your CMMS performance and make adjustments for improved maintenance delivery.

Effective, Easy to Use CAFM – Join us for a 30-minute discussion of critical factors that will improve space and move management for you and your company.

CMMS Helps Hospitality – Make well informed decisions that improve maintenance performance, reduce costs, and ensure the best customer experience. Mark will discuss how a CMMS can improve on-demand maintenance as well as preventative maintenance.

CMMS for Manufacturing
Craig Shepard details how effective preventative maintenance helps you meet manufacturing production goals and reduces production downtime

8 Steps to Successful CMMS Implementation
Craig Shepard will walk you through best practices and to help you successfully implement a CMMS.

CMMS ROI Estimator
Learn how to estimate Return on Investment (ROI) for your CMMS. Craig Shepard will take you through the factors that effect ROI.

Facility Management
Learn how easy it is to manage space allocation, plan and execute moves, generate in-depth reports, satisfy emergency preparation requirements, and analyze costs associated with renovations, department charge backs and personnel changes.

Free Consultation

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Hosted vs. On-Premise
Weighing your options on Hosted or On-Premise, local installation of CMMS? Find out how to make the installation choice that is right for you. Let Mark Stellfox help you cover topics that will help you choose.

Tips to Help Improve Maintenance Performance and Reduce Costs
Craig will cover topics to consider that can help you improve maintenance performance. This webinar will help you evaluate and make adjustments to your maintenance process.

Work Request
Craig Shepard outlines the benefits of Web Request that provide an easy, web-based method for users and guest to submit maintenance request 24/7

How CMMS Supports Critical Care Facilities 
Learn how CMMS supports the HealthCare Industry

Using A CMMS Can Be Easy! – ABC’s of CMMS
Craig Shepard rehashes the basics of using a CMMS and how it can support efficient operations. Areas covered include assets, benchmarking your operations, and cost savings.

Manage Your School With A CMMS System
Marty went over some of the ways a computerized maintenance management system can empower the people who run their school’s maintenance and facility operations to extend the life of assets, manage the supplies and parts coming and going, track labor hours or employees and vendors, run insightful reports, and much more.

Prepare Your Facility For Summer
Gregg covered how a CMMS can be used to keep your facility in top shape during the hot summer months. The topics covered included setting up preventive maintenance on assets, managing parts, and using a mobile CMMS to get work done in the field.

Maximizing Asset Reliability
Dale Blann of Marshall Institute talked about how to maximize your asset reliability using effective preventive maintenance (PM) and logical thinking. Then Craig Shepard of MicroMain described how a CMMS can support excellent PM practices.

Maintenance Premium Overview
We went over the highlights of MicroMain Maintenance Premium, our latest CMMS release. Topics covered include creating work orders, running reports and submitting work requests online.

What Can Facility Management Software Do For You?
In our first ever webinar on MicroMain Facility Management, we described some of the ways our drawing-based FM software can help you manage people and space information. He covered importing personnel, space allocation, and generating reports before diving into questions from the audience.

World Class Maintenance
In this special joint webinar, Marshall Institute’s, Dale Blann used his expertise to discuss what it takes to achieve World Class Maintenance. MicroMain followed up with an explanation of how a quality CMMS can support this worthy mission.


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