Cloud CMMS vs. On-Premise CMMS: How They’re Different

Cloud CMMS vs. On-Premise CMMS: How They’re Different

When it comes to CMMS software, there are generally two options: There is the newer, UX designed cloud, or web-based CMMS software that can be accessed on the fly anywhere; and the function-driven, highly secure bought-and-owned on-premise CMMS version. They both get the job done GREAT, but there are a few differences between them when deciding which to implement in your business operations:

Cloud-based CMMS has taken the maintenance world by storm recently, and for many reasons. Compared to on-premise, cloud-based CMMS has closed the gap between features, intelligence, and flexibility. Not only has it neared feature parity with conventional CMMS software, but in many ways, has transcended it with its API integrations and customizations. To explain in more detail:

It’s Very Shiny

On-Premise CMMS software was built to be functional, not attractive. As technology has progressed, it has facilitated a need for a slick and easy-to-use interface most people require nowadays. Cloud-based CMMS has been developed with intelligence, power, AND easy UX design in mind.

It’s Very Smart

As BI (Business Intelligence) has evolved throughout the years, so has the way software is built. Cloud solutions are made to be flexible and adaptable, allowing for quick editing and improvements to the intelligence behind cloud-based CMMS. This ensures you’re always up-to-date on the industry-latest smarts. Additionally, many cloud-based CMMS solutions offer API integration with many useful other softwares to get the job done even more efficiently than ever before.

It’s Very Flexible

Traditional on-premise CMMS is just that- on-premise. The powerful features are restricted  to a physical computer and individuals with certain user rights. Albeit, some have mobile portals that integrate with the on-premise version. With cloud-based CMMS, you can get to any database or work order from anywhere, at anytime, and on any device. And because it can be accessed anywhere, cloud CMMS solutions are ideal for multiple work sites, or companies that have remote maintenance facilities.

It’s Very Mobile

Cloud CMMS allows for advanced mobile apps built specifically for mobile devices, allowing for slicker and native operation. With a mobile CMMS, maintenance workers can start work orders, add notes, and complete other tasks while on location instead of constantly returning to a single point like an on-premise CMMS would require.

The Bottom Line

Cloud-based CMMS has been taking over maintenance operations for a growing number of users, and for good reason. It comes with all of the power and security of a traditional on-premise CMMS, but with the added benefit of a modern, clean UX design, easier operation, accessibility from anywhere, and mobility. In fact, MicroMain has been hard at work on our cloud-based CMMS to continuously improve our customer’s experience and make their work easier and headache-free.

If you’re interested in finding out how our CMMS can help your business operations, or questions about which CMMS would work best for your particular industry, contact us for a free demo today!