Cloud, Hosted, or On-Premise: Which Is Right For You?

Cloud, Hosted, or On-Premise: Which Is Right For You?

When searching for a CMMS, you might see several different kinds of hosting. Cloud, hosted and on-premise are three of the most common that you’ll likely see when trying to decide what CMMS you want to go with. But what, exactly, is the difference between the three? Isn’t a CMMS a CMMS, no matter what? Well, yes, but the difference comes in how your information and software is stored and accessed.


This is the most mobile and versatile CMMS available, and may be referred to as a Cloud-SaaS or just SaaS (software as a service). Everything- your CMMS, your assets, your reports, costs, notes, documents, everything- is stored on a remote server. You’ll be able to log into your CMMS through any web browser and access your entire system from any device at any time. This is the most ideal solution for businesses who depend on mobility and flexibility, have technicians who can’t make it back to a central location to interact with your CMMS on a regular basis, or have multiple sites they need to travel to or share data between. Your data lives on servers protected by the strongest encryption around, ensuring that your sensitive data will always be secure and seen only by you and your team of registered users.


This type of hosting is somewhat similar to cloud-based hosting, but differs in several ways. The actual CMMS software is installed on a machine locally, while your data is stored in remote servers. This method is ideal for companies that want the ease and flexibility of remotely-stored data that can’t be lost or stolen through local hardware and is accessible across multiple work sites with the stability of a local piece of software that’s always accessible and ready to go. The largest and most notable downside of this type of hosting is that your CMMS won’t be accessible from anywhere except a computer where your CMMS is installed, meaning technicians will always need to return to a specific computer to view, manage, and complete work orders, as well as adjust any time they worked or add any notes to completed work orders.


On-premise CMMS is the most traditional method of using maintenance management software. Both the CMMS and the data is stored on a local hard drive, accessible at only one job site and computer. The main reason you’d want to go with an on-premise CMMS is for additional security and redundancy. If you have highly-sensitive or classified data, an on-premise solution will give you complete control over where and how your data is stored. The other huge benefit of an on-premise CMMS is customization. You’ll be able to head into the code and edit it any way you want, adding or removing features that best fit your needs. This is a highly complex use case, and is intended for companies with IT professionals and computer scientists who can make the changes they need made.

No matter which one is right for you, MicroMain has you covered. We offer all three of these options, with flexible pricing to fit your budget and the dedicated support staff you need to get everything up and running quickly and efficiently. Schedule a free demo with our CMMS experts today to see which type of hosting is right for you!