MicroMain Promotes Joe Brummer to CEO

Pat Conroy, Diana McIver and Joe Brummer (left to right)

MicroMain Corporation is announcing that Joe Brummer has been named President and Chief Executive Officer. Brummer has been with MicroMain for over 13 years. His promotion to Chief Executive Officer is the first change of CEO leadership in the company’s 22-year history. Brummer brings over 20 years of leadership experience to the position. He will take over for MicroMain’s founder, Pat Conroy.

Though there is a change in leadership, the focus of the company remains the same.

“At MicroMain, we put our customers first,” said Brummer. “We see the maintenance and facility staff as heroes. Using our software, they can show others their accomplishments, as well, in productivity, cost savings, and outstanding performance.”

You can read the full details in our official press release or the Austin Business Journal.