CAFM Overview

Webinar Transcription Hello, everyone. Today’s webinar is, again, it’s related to move and space management, in particular, I’m going to start out at a high level view, and then get more specific with the top three commands that any CAFM or FM tool would do on a day-to-day basis. And so, I use a...
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What is MicroMain Facility Management (CAFM)

Webinar Transcription Hey everyone, I’m actually just going to give you a quick tour of our facility management software, otherwise known as CAFM. I’m going to go ahead and share out my screen here, run my slide show. The presentation should be up on the screen. So, what is MicroMain Facility Management? So it’s...
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Easy & Effective Ways to Use CAFM Software

Webinar Transcription Okay, great. Good afternoon, everybody. So what I’m going to be discussing today is the facility management software we offer, and how effective and easy-to-use our CAFM software is compared to our competitors. What I’m going to do is use a PowerPoint slide to go through some of the high level, day-to-day...
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What Can Facility Management Software Do For You?

In our first ever webinar on MicroMain Facility Management, our in-house facility management expert Victor Villarreal described some of the ways our drawing-based FM software can help you manage people and space information. He covered importing personnel, space allocation, and generating reports before diving into questions from the audience. Our webinar was recorded and...
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A Plain English Guide to Facility & Asset Management Software

The MicroMain Blog is proud to present another edition of our guest blogger series. We’re reaching out to third party industry experts for their take on maintenance management and how it can complement a quality CMMS system. In this guest blog, Ashley Halligan, a software analyst at Software Advice, met with three industry experts...
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