Teledyne Brown Facility Management Case Study

Teledyne Brown Engineering is a far-reaching engineering/advanced manufacturing company with a suitably far-reaching motto:

“Everywhereyoulook” Technologies and products produced by TBE range from outer space-based sensors to subsea systems, and everything (and everywhere) in between. Their products safeguard the country and advance research. The vision of TBE is to be a highly-differentiated provider of technical services, manufactured products, and engineered systems to customers in the aerospace, security, and energy markets.

The result of this vision is a company boasting over two billion dollars in revenue in 2012. Supporting that vision requires a massive amount of talent and physical space. TBE’s facilities include over 1,000 employees and around 600,000 sq ft of manufacturing space in its Huntsville, Alabama facility.

An Easier Way to Manage Space

The sheer size of the facility poses a unique challenge for Database Manager Chris Defatta, who shared his experience with helping manage the facility – and described how MicroMain Facility Management helps him perform his job more efficiently. One of DeFatta’s most vital responsibilities is to determine what square footage belongs to what department within the company. This allows for TBE’s Accounting department to accurately assess space allocation. Before adopting MicroMain Facility Management, Defatta said, the company had to rely on older CAD software’s drawings with imbedded data. It was an outdated, cumbersome system.

While looking for a better way, DeFatta discovered MicroMain Facility Management. MicroMain FM is a complete drawing-based computer-aided facility management (CAFM) and space planning software package that lets users easily manage people and space information. “After the research was complete, MicroMain just seemed the better fit for what we were trying accomplish,” DeFatta said. MicroMain FM was able to translate the complex database and information into an easy-to-manage visual interface.

MicroMain Facility Management also empowers DeFatta to track and manage all 1,000 people inside TBE, which helps plan moves and generate important reports. “I use the software daily for a database of all employees, where they sit, and the number of vacancies versus capacities,” DeFatta said. “It is wonderful software.”

More Than Just Software

Software is a tool, and knowing how to use that tool is fundamental to success. MicroMain offered Teledyne Brown Engineering complete lifecycle support for its facility management package. DeFatta said, “The team at Micromain was there for us throughout implementation all the way to the go-live date, which we met completely on schedule.”

“The staff at MicroMain is very professional and highly effective,” DeFatta continued. “They would be an asset to any company who chooses their services.” For DeFatta, the end result of MicroMain FM and the MicroMain services team was a tricky problem solved and a vast improvement of space planning abilities. Using MicroMain FM completely eliminated the limitations of the company’s preexisting space allocation method.

Using MicroMain software also saved the company money, Defatta added. “Cost savings are considerable due to the fact that, with the database completely up-to-date, actual reporting takes a lot less time.” That’s time and resources that can be better spent trailblazing new technologies around the world – and beyond. With Teledyne Brown Engineering, not even the sky is the limit.