Enterprise Asset Management Software

Asset Management Software

MicroMain Maintenance allows you set up and track an unlimited number of assets (areas, equipment, and vehicles) and organize them into groups or “bundles” to make reassigning them, moving them, and maintaining them easier.

For ease of set-up, our Enterprise Asset Management software (EAM) has a cloning feature which allows you to duplicate, then edit, an asset record. So, if you have 10 air handlers, you can set one up, clone nine more and just change the serial numbers or other unique identifiers.

Asset Management – The Heart of Maintenance Operations

Assets are at the heart of your maintenance database, and it’s important to keep your asset records accurate and up-to-date. MicroMain makes this possible with mobile access and bar coding capabilities. Information stored for each asset includes:

  • Maintenance history
  • Warranties
  • Model & serial number, plus other nameplate details
  • Supplier & manufacturer
  • Replaceable/inventoried parts
  • Meter readings and inspection results
  • Tenant/occupant of an area


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