How Preventive Maintenance Saves Money

How Preventive Maintenance Saves Money Preventive maintenance is often still viewed by many companies as an unnecessary expenditure that is a waste of time and resources. In most cases, this is far from the truth and can prove to be a very costly mistake to make. Many companies tend to focus solely on the immediate issues that come up – repairing or replacing parts when something goes wrong in operations and reacting to other urgent matters. While this form of reactive maintenance is necessary in certain situations, transitioning to preventive maintenance is a strategy that will save both time and money, as well as help operations to run more smoothly. The transition from reactive to preventive maintenance can be a smooth transition to make with the help of the right preventive maintenance software. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at preventive maintenance with a spotlight on how it can save a company or other organization a lot of money over the long term.  What Is Preventive Maintenance? Preventive maintenance is not about fixing problems. Its focus is on preventing those problems from ever happening in the first place. It includes activities such as cleaning, lubrication, adjustments, repairs, and parts replacement. Each of these activities is performed in order to keep the equipment running in top condition and to prevent downtime and reactive fixes. Preventive maintenance software is available to help you facilitate a good preventive maintenance plan. Instead of having to keep track of things with paper files, all data can be input into a preventive maintenance software program which then regularly schedules all preventive maintenance tasks and work orders. With preventive...
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Maintenance and PM Optimization

Optimizing preventive maintenance tasks performed is an effective way to streamline maintenance and help reduce the likelihood of failures. Simple changes in process and a little more planning are all that is needed. Marshall Institute is an asset management consulting and training company dedicated to helping companies improve the maintenance contribution to their organizational performance. Their president, Greg Folts spoke at our Users Conference this past year and gave some helpful tips for optimizing PMs. Compare failure to current maintenance strategy Consider the effectiveness and efficiency of the current strategy Use the experience of the shop floor Consider the consequence of the failure Consider what type of PM can be utilized Knowing the different failure modes of assets is also vital to planning PMs. The graphic below illustrates the types of failure and how to best plan for them. To read the full list of PM Optimization tips and other information, visit the Marshall Institute to get the presentation (name and email required). Also, look forward to guest blog posts from the industry experts at Marshall Institute in the coming...
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Seasonal Preventive Maintenance

Wintertime is approaching fast, and with colder weather comes a new set of inspections and maintenance that need to be done. From winterizing vehicles to salting roads and shoveling snow, MicroMain has the solution to your seasonal maintenance needs. Maintenance Management, our award-winning CMMS software makes setting up these PMs easy. Simply click on “Task” inside Maintenance Management to enter the task that needs to be done. In this example, salting a pathway. Then select “Frequency” to set how often the task needs to be completed. At the bottom, select the dates which it needs to be completed. Now your PM is set to become a work order and and your pathways will be salted! For more information about Maintenance Management and how it can simplify your preventive maintenance and work orders, contact a MicroMain...
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