End of Year CMMS Checklist for Improved Maintenance Performance

Webinar Transcription My name is Craig Shepherd. I am the director of sales here with MicroMain, and today we are going to discuss end-of-the-year CMMS checklist for improved maintenance performance. For those of you who are not familiar with MicroMain, we are headquartered in Austin, Texas. We have been providing facilities and maintenance management software since 1991. We offer maintenance management software as well as a CAFM program for space planning and move management. We do have a special version for healthcare. A few of our logos here. As you can see, we are in all industries, all verticals and worldwide. Let’s talk about preparing for the new year. Now, end of the year, you’ve probably got a lot of reports that you are trying to get out. You’ve had the maintenance program in place, hopefully, for a good time now, and it is time to go through and reevaluate, see where you are, making any adjustments to your maintenance processes. Make sure you are getting your complete, reliable data to managing your maintenance, and does your data include enough detail? So a few of these issues are pertaining to, are your assets and equipment entered correctly? We will take a look at a few of the screens in a moment. But do you have all your asset information and equipment information in there correctly? Do you have them named correctly? Can you access all the information you need? You need to look over, and if you have standardized services, and standardized accounts, and maintenance categories, and asset groups for filtering and for reporting? It’s important that everyone be on the...
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How CMMS Helps Hospitality: Hotels, Casinos, and Museums

Webinar Transcription Hello everyone. Mark Stellfox MicroMain. One of the account managers here. We’re going to go through the slideshow here in the beginning. Talk about how CMMS helps hospitality – hotels, casinos, and museums. And at the end, I’m going to open up the software and give a quick highlight of the software, CMMS, the work order software with asset management inventory control. Also, the add on work request module and the mobile for the web piece. So, a little bit about MicroMain. We’ve been in business over 24 years headquartered in Austin, Texas. Basically, the main product that we provide is our CMMS. We also have CAFM software for space management and planning, utilization, and move management. We have about 3,700 customers worldwide. You can see a couple of the logos on the screen. Maintenance managers in the hospitality industry have unique needs. You want to manage facility to ensure best customer experience. Preventative maintenance prevents asset failures that effect customers. And how does the CMMS help me? In addition to day-to-day management of on-demand and preventative maintenance work orders, CMMS accumulates data to help you maximize asset availability and extend equipment life, manage labor effectively, project budgets accurately, manage parts/inventory, generate meaningful reports, and make well informed decisions that improve performance and reduce costs. Take a polling question here. What is your primary focus? Just check one or both of the boxes there. I guess we’ll just check one box. Sorry about that. For your primary focus preventative maintenance or corrective maintenance? I’ll go ahead and skip over to the results after everybody is done. It...
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Webinar: CMMS for Manufacturing

Webinar: CMMS for Manufacturing Craig details how effective preventative maintenance helps you meet manufacturing production goals and reduce downtime. Webinar Transcription Today, we’re going to talk about how maintenance management software supports manufacturing, and we’ll through a few slides and then I’ll go in to the actual MicroMain application so we can talk about some real experience. By the way, I know you’re muted, so if you’re having any issues, there is a chat, and we will stand by and answer the chat as well. MicroMain located in Austin, Texas, by the way. Everything we do is here. All of my sales team is here, my developers, my support staff. So everybody is here in the Austin, Texas office, and we’ve been providing maintenance software and CAFM space planning software since 1991. Anyway, we have a pretty good history of offering maintenance solutions. A few of our customers range from across all verticals, but as you can see, we have some large manufacturing, Rubbermaid, probably 20 or 30 of their facilities, and quite a few others where they run as either an independent facility or across the board in multiple facilities. So today we’re going to talk about how maintenance management software, CMMS, Computerized Maintenance Management System, helps manufacturing. And it’s going to help you in a number of ways. It’s going to help you to meet production goals. You’ll be able to meet your plant specific needs by setting up a program tailored to what you need. You’ll be able to maximize your equipment availability and extend your equipment life. So stop there for a minute. Those top three, typically that happens through...
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Webinar: 8 Successful Steps to Implementing CMMS

Webinar Transcription We are going to discuss the eight steps to finding maintenance software that fits your needs and then going about implementing it. First of all, a little bit about MicroMain. We are headquartered in Austin, Texas. We’ve been providing facilities and maintenance software since 1991. Whether you’re looking for maintenance management software to manage work orders and preventive maintenance and inventory, or facilities management software for space planning and moves, we offer both programs. And as you can see, it says we offer CMMS and CAFM software. We also have a special CMMS version for healthcare. Here are just a few of our customers: Rubbermaid, Best Buy, so on and so forth. We are across all verticals, and we are worldwide. First, before we get started, we have a quick slide. Are you currently performing preventive maintenance? Yes or no. And I’ll give you another second here, and we will skip to the results. I always like to know who my audience is. Everyone, at least who is in the audience here today, is currently doing preventive maintenance, and that is a good thing. All right, so implementing a new CMMS. We’re going to look at, as I said, the best practices for implementing a new CMMS. Whether you’re starting from scratch or whether you are moving from a current program to a new program, these steps will be helpful in your identifying exactly what it is that you need. When you’re looking for a CMMS, first thing you need to do is obviously define what your goals are, what are you looking for, and then what are your...
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Webinar: Hosted vs. On-Premise Installation

Weighing your options between Hosted and On-Premise local installation of a CMMS? In this webinar, Mark Stellfox explains how to make the installation choice that is right for your business or organization. Webinar Transcription Hi, everyone. Mark Stellfox, MicroMain Software, one of the account managers over here. I’m going to take you through the presentation overview comparing the hosted SaaS, in the cloud hosted solution. You access it via the Internet from a web browser and then that’s us doing the tech support upgrades versus our on-premise installation where you buy, install in your location. A little bit about MicroMain. We are headquartered in Austin, Texas. We’ve been providing facilities award-winning asset maintenance and facility management software since ’91. So we’ve been doing this for 24 years. MicroMain offers CMMS and CAFM software solutions. We have a couple of other modules included for doing mobile work orders or work requests and also a specific healthcare version. Here is a couple of customers. We have over 3,700 customers worldwide. Most of our businesses is North America, but we’re in about 26 different countries now. And we’ll do a quick polling question. So what is your primary focus? Preventive maintenance? Corrective maintenance? You just want to check off there and then submit, and then we can do a little poll on the attendees here. I’ll go ahead and skip over to the results if you just want to check one of those boxes and then hit the submit button. Looks like the primary focus is for preventive maintenance and a small percentage for corrective, which is unscheduled type of work. In the system, we’ll...
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Webinar: Successful CMMS Implementation

Craig will take you through 8 critical steps to ensure successful implementation. Learn how to successfully implement and utilize your new CMMS. Webinar Transcription This is Craig Shepard as I said. I’m going to talk about eight steps to a successful CMMS implementation. MicroMain as you can see from our slide is headquartered in Austin Texas, and we’ve been providing maintenance software since 1991. So we’ve had quite a bit of experience in implementing and managing maintenance software. We offer maintenance management software as well as CAFM and space planning as well. We have customers as diverse as from manufacturing to healthcare, property management, stadiums, so we are in many, many different types of organizations. Implementing a new CMMS. Today, we’re going to review what we call best practices in use and implementation process and provide you with some steps to ensure you have a successful implementation as well. And then now, we’re going to show you actually some of the MicroMain programs, and we can discuss things that you can do. And again if you have questions, save them, and you can get on the chat. When you’re reviewing a CMMS, and this is whether or not you have one already or if you’re just now starting to look for one. The first thing you really need to do is define your goals. What are you trying to get out of having a maintenance software package? Is it just simply to schedule PMs and make sure you’re doing preventive maintenance to all of your equipment? Do you want to track work orders and PMs? Are you trying to maintain proper part...
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