CAFM Overview

Webinar Transcription Hello, everyone. Today’s webinar is, again, it’s related to move and space management, in particular, I’m going to start out at a high level view, and then get more specific with the top three commands that any CAFM or FM tool would do on a day-to-day basis. And so, I use a PowerPoint slide, which is what you’re looking at right now, and you should be looking at the screen. It says about MicroMain. A kind of a top-down presentation, but I’m using a PowerPoint as my presentation tool. And then towards the end, I will jump out and go to the actual software and demonstrate the commands that I have talked about during the PowerPoint. We should be done in about 19, 20 minutes, and then I’ll leave it open to some questions for you via the chat window. And then I’ll answer them aloud so that everybody can hear it. But again, a little bit about MicroMain. We’re headquartered in Austin, Texas. We have three primary tools, software tools, a CMMS or maintenance management, or asset tracking work order. We have a CAFM tool which I’m talking about today, CAFM, Computer Aided Facility Management. It’s really just combining a CAD drawing with a database of people information, and other information that you want to track on your actual drawing. So, today I’m going to talk about move and space management specifically within CAFM. MicroMain is a company, we’re over 20 years old. We have over 3,700 customers worldwide. Some of them are listed on your screen here. In addition, we have PPG, Dun and Bradstreet,...
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What is MicroMain Facility Management (CAFM)

Webinar Transcription Hey everyone, I’m actually just going to give you a quick tour of our facility management software, otherwise known as CAFM. I’m going to go ahead and share out my screen here, run my slide show. The presentation should be up on the screen. So, what is MicroMain Facility Management? So it’s simply a tool to move people around, one person from cube to cube, office to office, different spaces, and manage the space, the square footage, the space allocation. It helps an organization to keep their floor plans accurate and to how the space is organized and where people are assigned. It’s a system of records for keeping one set of master drawings, so everything is going to be in one place into the MicroMain Facility Management tool. And it can either be web based, hosted by MicroMain in the cloud, otherwise known as “software as a service,” or you can install it on your network, on your own server, run it internally on your own, but we do have both offerings. And it contains a robust and BOMA defined set of reports. So BOMA stands for “Building Organization Management Association.” We have Organizational Summary reports, Occupancy/Vacancy, and then Headcount per square foot. This is basically checking in. Do you have someone at your facility who runs the move or space planning operations? Are you using a CAFM tool today? If so, which one? And do you feel you’re getting the most out of the software? And we typically recommend a scheduled presentation, a more personalized one with Kelly, if you are interested in moving forward...
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Easy & Effective Ways to Use CAFM Software

Webinar Transcription Okay, great. Good afternoon, everybody. So what I’m going to be discussing today is the facility management software we offer, and how effective and easy-to-use our CAFM software is compared to our competitors. What I’m going to do is use a PowerPoint slide to go through some of the high level, day-to-day functions that you have to use in moving space management within CAFM. And then, if I have some time at the end, I’ll open the product to demonstrate that. And then as always, since your line is muted, just use the chat window in the bottom left to ask a question. Towards the end, I’ll repeat the question online, via the phone, and then I’ll answer it. So let me go ahead and get started. Oh, the other thing is, we’ll have these snap surveys, questions, throughout this presentation. I’d really appreciate it if you participate. So, it’s just usually a question with a few answers and trying to get a pulse of the audience that we have, so that we can tailor-make these going forward. We are MicroMain. We are a software development company and facility services company. We sell two products, really three products. It’s CMMS or our maintenance work order – too hot, too cold, on demand and scheduled. And then we have a CAFM program which is what we’re talking about today. We have over 3,700 customers that utilized our software. Our software is either installed on your network or in a hosted SaaS environment, either way. So, what I’m going to do is start at a very high level, and then...
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Webinar: Effective, Easy to Use CAFM with Powerful Boma Compliant Reporting

Kelly will discuss critical factors that will improve space and move management, along with BOMA standards. Learn how easy it is to manage space allocation, plan and execute moves, generate in-depth reports, and more. Webinar Transcription MicroMain is a software development company. We have a CMMS, our maintenance tool, and a CAFM, our FM tool, as well as the associated professional services that are associated with both of these software products. So, we are a software development and professional services firm. We are located in Austin, TX. We have approaching 4,000 customers, some of them you’ll see on your screen, and some of the logos you’ll recognize. We’ve been around over 20 years, and we focus on developing easy to use products, in particular our maintenance software and our FM, which is what I’m focusing on today. Our FM, and in particular, within FM, it’s the BOMA standard and how our company has really aligned ourselves with the BOMA standard, the international standard and incorporated a lot of their methodologies and processes into our actual software. Therefore, whoever uses our software can get the same benefits out of it versus having to learn the BOMA standards themselves, apply the standards themselves with their own tools. Throughout the presentation today, the way I’m going to do this is that on the screen now, you’ll see a PowerPoint slide. I’m going to go through some of the highlights and start at a very high level, and then get down to specifics, and then I’ll jump out of this PowerPoint slide. I’ll share my desktop, and then I’ll actually go into the tool...
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What Can Facility Management Software Do For You?

In our first ever webinar on MicroMain Facility Management, our in-house facility management expert Victor Villarreal described some of the ways our drawing-based FM software can help you manage people and space information. He covered importing personnel, space allocation, and generating reports before diving into questions from the audience. Our webinar was recorded and is available below. This recording is also available in full screen. Did you find this webinar helpful? Stay up-to-date with our scheduled webinars and be sure to join us for the next...
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A Plain English Guide to Facility & Asset Management Software

The MicroMain Blog is proud to present another edition of our guest blogger series. We’re reaching out to third party industry experts for their take on maintenance management and how it can complement a quality CMMS system. In this guest blog, Ashley Halligan, a software analyst at Software Advice, met with three industry experts to compose a layperson’s guide to Facility & Asset Management software. The range of software solutions within the maintenance and facility management sectors can be overwhelming. These systems, which have some overlapping functionality, have left some buyers understandably confused. To help clarify the difference between the types of systems, I interviewed three industry experts: Joseph Valeri, President and COO of Lucernex Technologies; Chris Kluis, Director of Marketing at Mintek; and Andy Fuhrman, VP of Product Development at Bricsnet. Needless to say, these guys are experts. I, on the other hand–not so much. While all of our experts provided great insight, they also encouraged me to simplify that knowledge, and boil it down so the average person could also understand. First and foremost, the primary difference between the software systems is their depth of functionality–that is, the number of features they offer and challenges they solve. So, here are the most common software solutions in the maintenance and facility management markets, and the business challenges they address. Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) Manages space planning, tracks asset location, and oversees move management. All of our experts agree that current CAFM software is primarily used as space planning tools–with the goal of optimizing the usage of space, while keeping track of physical assets. Companies have a lot...
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